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Request For Proposal

Central Clemson Indoor Recreation Center is requesting sealed proposals from qualified firms or individuals for complete replacement and installation of 2 commercial grade pool filters, 2 UV Units, 2 Saline Chlorination Systems, 2 saturated salt feeders, and 2 chemical controllers with Ethernet/wifi.  

Proposals are to be addressed and delivered to Pete Becker, Director, Central-Clemson Indoor Recreation Center, at 130 Commons Way, Central, SC 29630.  Proposals should be received by Thursday, April 14th at 2pm at which time proposals will be opened and announced publicly.  No proposal will be accepted after this time.  The City of Clemson and the Town of Central are not responsible for delays in the mail.  


The Central Clemson Indoor Recreation Center is jointly owned by the Town of Central and the City of Clemson, South Carolina.  The facility is in the process of replacing both of its Saline pool UV and Saline Chlorination Units, large pool filtration filter, replacing all pipes for connecting the systems, and removal of old pipes and previous solar system within the pump room.  


Proposers will be required to visually inspect the site.  Interested Proposers may call to arrange a meeting/tour by contacting Peter Becker at his cell at 205-873-0471. In case you cannot reach Pete Becker, contact Tom Cloer, Assistant Town Administrator at 864-643-6276.  Available Meeting dates are March 30-31, April 5-6, or April 11. Times available to meet are from 9-11am or 1-3pm. Meetings will take place at the Central-Clemson Indoor Recreation Center located at 130 Commons Way, Central, SC, 29630.  Pictures are also additionally available by email. 


All proposals shall be addressed to Pete Becker, Director, Central-Clemson Indoor Recreation Center at 130 Commons Way, Central, SC 29630.  Proposals are due by Thursday, April 14th at 2:00 pm at which time they will be opened publicly and read aloud. No telephone, electronic or facsimile proposals will be considered.  Proposals received after the deadline will not be accepted.  Package containing proposal should be clearly labeled on the outside of the envelope “Proposal for Pool Filtration and Sanitizing Equipment.”

The award shall be made to the responsible proposer who is determined to be the most advantageous to the CCRC based on the evaluation factors set forth in this solicitation. Price, although a consideration, will not be the sole determining factor.  

If you are submitting any information you consider to be proprietary, you must identify it as such and submit it in a way that can be separated from the submittal.  Pricing information cannot be considered proprietary.  

Unless specifically stated to the contrary, any manufacturer’s names, brand names or catalog numbers used in the specifications of this RFP are for the purpose of describing and/or establishing the quality, design and performance required.  Any such reference is not intended to limit or restrict any offer by any proposer and is included in order to advise the potential proposer of the requirements for the CCRC.  Any offer which proposes like quality, design or performance will be considered.  

Any person, firm, corporation or association submitting a proposal shall be deemed to have read and understood all the terms, conditions and requirements in the specifications/scope of work. 

All formal inquiries or requests for significant or material clarification or interpretation, or notification to the CCRC for errors or omissions relating to this RFP must be directed, in writing to:  Pete Becker at  All inquiries must be submitted by April 11th at 5pm.  An addendum with the answer to all questions received will be sent to eligible proposers.  Questions submitted after the deadline may not be answered.  

The CCRC shall not reimburse any Proposer the cost of responding to this RFP. 


Proposer shall submit an itemized cost proposal to include all aspects of providing for the scope of work included in this RFP.  The pricing proposal should include any of the items listed below that the proposer is able to provide, 

The successful Proposer shall provide the following:

  • For up to 2 months, a service response within 48 business hours of being notified of a problem of installed equipment is required.  

  • This project is Turn-Key and expected that the pools will be fully functional and running with no additional work necessary. This will involve, complete “gutting” of pool room and replacement with new systems. All equipment must meet current SCDHEC requirements for public pools

  • As soon as award is given, grantee will need to apply for SCDHEC Change Orders and receive approval from SCDHEC office before starting any work with a copy provided to CCRC. 

  • Remove 2 Chlorking Sentry UV systems and piping and replace with new, Chlorking Sentry UV systems and piping as approved by SCDHEC. Lap pool Model #CS SAG 720-A-CR and small pool Model #CS SAG 240-APVC-CR

  • A plan to remove and install the small and large pool filtration system and all piping. The small pool is saline 25,000 gallons with filter rate of 104gmp and the large pool is saline 140,000 gallons with a filter rate of 388gpm. Large Tank may be either steel or composite based on acquisition time and small pool will be composite with Multi-port  

  • Remove and Replace Current Chlorking Saline Chlorine System and chemical monitoring system. Large pool will be a Chlorking #CH CHLOR 15.0SM. Small Pool will be a Chlorking #CH Chlor 3.0 MSM. Each proposer will submit information and price for their controller systems. The systems must operate salt systems and have Ethernet/wifi monitoring and alert capabilities. Please provide in depth capabilities of the controller systems and what they are capable of monitoring and operating. 

  • Install 2 Saturated salt feeders and appropriate controllers with sizes appropriate for the size of each pool.  

  • Install 2hp High Head Pump and 10hp with Integral strainer for filtration.

  • Current ph control is done by Acid Feeders. Input is welcome on changes or upgrade. 

  • There is currently an old solar system piping network taking up space in the equipment room that needs to be removed and sealed off where necessary. This will be noted during tour of the CCRC pool facility. 

  • The proposal is expected to include any and all equipment and piping necessary to operate the pools that may have been excluded/overlooked in this RFP after proposer visits the CCRC. 

  • The proposer should note on installation of filter systems the security fence and door frame 

  • All contractors must be properly licensed and under the State of SC and Local Laws governing their trade will be required to carry One million dollars ($1,000,000) general liability insurance and proof of workers compensation regardless of the number of employees.

  • The company that is awarded contract will need to secure a Town of Central Business license for themselves and any sub-contractors before beginning any work. These may be obtained by contacting Susan Brewer at Central Town, 864-639-6381 ext. 106. 

  • Must comply with the Illegal Immigration Act.

  • Proposals are due by Thursday, April 14th at 2:00 pm at which time they will be opened publicly and read aloud. No awards will be made at this time. No telephone, electronic or facsimile proposals will be considered.  Proposals received after the deadline will not be accepted.  Package containing proposal should be clearly labeled on the outside of the envelope “Proposal for Pool Filtration and Sanitizing Equipment.”

  • Project is expected to be awarded by April 21. Please document when work is expected to begin, completed by, and time to get the filter. Reminder, our pool is down so we are wanting to proceed ASAP.

  • The Town of Central and the City of Clemson have the right to accept and or refuse any or all proposals without reason.

  • The Town of Central and The City of Clemson are an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applications for all positions without regard for a person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.


The Central-Clemson Recreation Center realizes it must keep up with the latest trends in equipment; therefore, suggestions regarding equipment upgrades, or alternate ways to produce a more successful proposal outcome are welcome as part of your submittal.  


The Central-Clemson Recreation Center is soliciting proposals from firms, which are in the business of providing services as listed in this RFP.  Your proposal shall include, at a minimum, the following information.  Failure to include these items may be grounds for rejection of your proposal.  

  • The proposer shall present evidence that the firm of its officers have been engaged for at least the past five (5) years in providing services as listed in this RFP.  

  • The proposer shall provide resumes and qualifications of key personnel

  • Proposers shall include a statement about previous violations of State, Federal or local guidelines for which the proposer was cited, and which became a matter of record. 

  • Proposer must provide a single point of contact/account manager to whom we can escalate issues and make special requests

  • Proposer must be familiar with the Chlorking Saline Chlorination System and the Sentry UV System and experience with installation of both or similar systems.