Resident Party Packages

Dining Hall / Pool Party: $105.00/party
(dining hall 1 hr./pool 1 hr.)

Dining Hall / Basketball Party: $90.00/party
(Dining Hall 1 hr. / 1 basketball court 1 hr.)

Basketball / Pool Party: $115.00/party
(1 basketball court 1 hr./ pool 1 hr.)

NON-Resident Party Packages

Dining Hall / Pool Party: $126.00/party
(dining hall 1 hr./pool 1 hr.)

Dinning Hall / Basketball Party: $113.00/party
(1 basketball court 1 hr./ pool 1 hr.) 

Basketball / Pool Party: $143.00/party
(Dining Hall 1 hr. / 1 basketball court 1 hr.) 




Additional Lifeguard: $15.00/hour
Pool parties with over 20 individuals require an additional lifeguards.

Lap Pool Lane: $11.00/lane/hour

Warm Pool: $50.00/hour

Basketball Court: $50.00/court/hour

Aerobics Room: $25.00/hour
Dinning Hall: $40.00/hour
(75 person Capacity, included kitchen facilities with refrigerator.)




Additional Lifeguard: $18.00/hour
Pool parties with over 20 individuals require an additional lifeguards.

Lap Pool Lane: $13.00/lane/hour

Warm Pool: $60.00/hour

Basketball Court: $65.00/court/hour

Aerobics Room: $30.00/hour
Dinning Hall: $48.00/hour
(75 person Capacity, included kitchen facilities with refrigerator.)

party and Rental terms

  • Terms of Rentals and Reservations at the Central-Clemson Recreation Center

  • Full payment is due before reservation is scheduled.  Make checks payable:  CITY OF CLEMSON.

  • Residents are those living inside the Town of Central or City of Clemson city limits (A valid ID must be shown as proof).

  • All rental rates are per hour with the exception of party packages which are two hours and full day court rentals.

  • A $75.00 cleaning deposit in the form of a credit card or routing number will be required when you book the event.  If the space is not clean your account will be charged $75.00 after a staff member inspects the area.You are responsible for:

  • Wiping down all tables and chairs.

  • Stacking the tables and chairs along the wall.

  • Sweeping the floor.

  • Damp mopping the floor if needed.  (Staff will assist you in making sure you have what you need)

  • Remove all trash.

  • Beyond the cleaning fee you are financially responsible for any damage done to the rental space or equipment, including but not limited to chairs, tables, floor and walls. In the event of damage you will be notified by CCRC of the damages and the cost for repairs and/or replacement will be charged to your card left on file. 

  • The dining hall is the only area where food or drinks are allowed. 

  • Party Package Rentals include one hour in one area (Gym/Dining Hall) followed by one hour in the second area (Gym/Dining Hall/Pool). An additional lifeguard is included in this price of pool pool parties. 

  • Pool rentals or parties with other over 20 individuals must pay for an additional lifeguard.  

  • Individual rentals may be scheduled back to back or simultaneously at the discretion of CCRC..

  • The Town of Central, City of Clemson, and the Central-Clemson Recreation Center are not responsible for any injuries received while participating at the Central-Clemson Recreation Center. Participation in all activities is completely voluntary, and all participants are responsible for their own welfare.  We strongly recommend that each participant have personal medical insurance coverage. By signing below I agree to follow the operating policies and procedure of the Central-Clemson Recreation Center.  I understand that I am responsible for the clean up after the party is over.

  • Any rental by an organization, group, or individual where the renter will charge an admission or participation fee must possess a valid and current Town of Central Business license. These may be obtained by contacting the Town of Central Town Clerk at 864-639-6381 during business hours M-F, 830am-5pm.

  • Any rental where an admission fee or participation fee is charged or an organized group or organization uses the facility for specialized activities must provide the facility, at least 1 day ahead of rental time, an Additional Insured Certificate from their Insurance Carrier listing the Town of Central, City of Clemson, and the C and C Indoor Recreation Center as additional insured for $1,000,000 Liability Coverage.  

  • If you cancel your rental or party, 75% of your payment will be refunded and will be mailed to you. Your cancellation must be at least 7 full days prior to your reservation date in order to receive your refund.

  • NO REFUND will be given for rentals or parties cancelled 6 or fewer days prior to the event date.

  • Bathing suits must be worn in the pools. No street clothes permitted in the pools.

  • Your party is allowed only in the specified rental areas plus restrooms. Your guests are not allowed in the fitness room or weight room.

  • Limit of 75 individuals in the dining hall. 

specialty rentals

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